Vaping eliquids vs. smoking tabacco

Psst! Did you hear? People are arguing about what is better, like vaping eliquids or smoking tabacco. To help figure out how this is actually working, we’re gonna make a list with “yes” and “no” for the both sides.

Is it tasteful? 

Maybe you noticed since the first time you smoked a cigarette that it didn’t had a very nice taste. Some cigarettes have flavours and tastes such as vanilla, chocoa or cherries, but they also have an average price than the regular ones. Why you shouldn’t taste a different and very delicious flavour everyday? You can find different premium eliquid flavours on, inspired by natural flavours with natural extracts, with artificial or natural flavouring. Another winning point goes to the vaping eliquids.

Is it healthy? 

Vaping eliquids may not seem so healthy for some people, nor is smoking. The truth is recent studies figured out that vaping has a big role to play in reducing deaths from smoking-related diseases such as cancer. Studies are showing that e-cigarettes outstripped nicotine gums and patches as quitting tool, many ex-smokers changed their habbit for vaping, then quit this as well.  Also, you cand choose the amount of nicotine you wish for your product, from 0 to 6 or more nicotine/mg. Vaping is less harmful than cigarettes, so we got 1 point for the e-cigarette industry.

Is it safe for your home and loved ones? 

In the last years, all around the world we heard about accidents happened because of a burning cigarette left in the house. This couldn’t happen while vaping eliquids because nothing is burning in it’s technology. Also, the smoke from vaping is not dangerous for none of your loved ones, kids, elders or pets. Eliquids are bottled in glass bottles with childproof cap, so they won’t be able to open up the bottle, even if they find the image very tasteful looking.  Your home, walls and objects won’t get dark by time because of the smoke, because here nothing is burning. So, here’s another thumb up for vaping.

Is it pocket-friendly? 

FreeSmoke UK Vape Shop gives you the best products, with tasty flavours and freedom to choose the nicotine strength at best prices and offers! Also, think about how much you are spending normally on a box of cigarettes by a month. A box of cigarettes shoud be enough for couple days or even less, meanwhile a bottle of eliquid shoud be enough for almost one whole month. Another point goes to the vaping.
So, here we are, at the end of the list of vaping eliquids vs. smoking cigarettes and it seems like we have a winner! Feel the differences yourself!