This was my coffee break on Ilkley moor one day last summer, I am living dangerously as I normally only go to mc Donalds for coffees if I am in work cloths. Mc Donalds always serve them in those baby feeder cup style cups so I don’t spill them down my dress.
I wore this for most of last years Victorian presentations. Its an 1850s gown made of blue shot silk taffeta from the only surviving English taffeta mill at Barnoldswick.

Its three layers and worn over a medium sized hoop.

The hair isn’t mine its one of my victorina style hairpieces ,we have an Asian store near to us that sells them, it means I have to keep my hair darker than I might normally but it does save a lot of time doing my hair and a lot of wear and tear by hairspray which was making my hair very dry.
I now cheat when I make dresses for work and buy a commercial bodice which I restyle and cover ,its quicker and cheaper than making the bodices from scratch.
It was a great dress but sadly no longer intact, the bodice got damaged so there just the skirt which needs restyling as breaking my cardinal rule of not eating in work clothes I had banana which dropped in two onto the dress

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