thurs. coffee w/ superBitch

Gaaad! the sun shows up finally and I’m having my capuccino again. thank you for the messages *move to recycle bin. sipping sipping. lacks high-quality syrup. table sugar is so outdated. reading my script…i mean my agenda. finger tips on my forehead. digesting digesting. okay. gotta refill my parker to sign some papers. okay. annoyed by the people passing by. why can’t they sit down? settle down syndrome whatever. okay. concentrate. oops seesmic desktop on mac makes a noise. someone wagging their tail. okay. read it. ok not funny, press the snob button “x”. okay it beeps again. oh FB updates. so let me see… ahh the usual. …FB is a master with many pets. okay, someone sent invite to a place that’s like sincerely 10,000 miles away. yah right!  *press ignore. shit i broke my nail from …ahh frustration. ok ok. sip coffee sip sip. call the ambulance. open my handbag… text my BFF. read the spam mail dropped from a space station. an invitation from scientology. crumple crumple. brochures brochures. “satisfaction guaranteed. (next sentence) i’ll see that your money is promptly refunded” so that’s dissatisfaction idiot. crumple crumple. “it costs you nothing” (but there’s like a dollar-sign) idiot idiot crumple crumple. coffee’s almost finished. sip sip, my pastry is dry. i blame the economy. don’t have to eat it but ok pay pay. give me the check. keep the change. be robotic. say thank you come again coz i’m leaving.


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