Electronic circuits and… anatomy!

Has anyone really wondered what are they and how do they work? ‘Cause if you come to think of it, it’s pretty amazing actually how science evolved and what astonishing things we’re capable of, all with the help of electricity and electronic circuits! And by anyone I’m wondering and I mean anyone NOT interested in physics and who hasn’t paid much attention to it in school.
Take a computer motherboard for example. Sadly for most people it’s just a maze of cool “lines” that connect pieces, and ..stuff….it just works and flashes the lights and powers your computer, and makes it “think” and “act” , and make it bend  to your will! :). Your computer ,your phone  and pretty much every “piece” of technology that you use ‘nowadays has one, and actually can’t literally function without. It’s like the heart or brain of your tv or your pc if you want! Now every motherboard consists of many electronic circuits that connect transistors and diodes and other pieces together allowing electric current to flow through and make everything work like a charm. There are two types of circuits and these are: analog circuits and digital circuits. Now the analog circuits usually help functioning and consist a power switch for example whilst a digital one is fundamentally different and make electric circuits take a more discrete value thus representing logical and numerical values. Think static random access memory (SRAM) and dynamic random access memory (DRAM). Leads one to think that men really design all of their technology the only way that they know how, and that in my opinion is….anatomy! more circuits here
    Funny, but think of a pc. It has a motherboard and a case that pretty much holds everything together( body and skeleton) a battery that almost never breaks and runs out( heart) a processor that helps make simple and complicated operations and functions( brain) ram memory( lungs), electronic circuits( blood vessels), a power switch( nervous and sympathetic system) a video board( eyes) a sound board(ears) and not least a hard drive( the memory storage lobe of the brain)!

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